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PageRank distribution: don’t lose your juice anymore!

PageRank is one of the most important elements to work on if you want to boost your SEO.

It is divided by the number of links on your page. To optimize your SEO strategy, you need to send this juice to the most useful pages of your site.

That is, the ones you want to highlight in the search results. You should not waste it on generalist pages (legal notices, terms and conditions, etc.) or external links.

PageRank Sculpting (PRG Pattern) IS THE SOLUTION! this technique makes your links invisible to search engines. This will prevent GoogleBot from following the link and taking it into account when distributing SEO juice.

This way, you preserve all the power of your SEO JUS!


Manage all the links on your site with « PageRank Sculpting Plugin WordPress »

Too many sites have very important Mega Menus or even endless footers. These links are like black holes that suck up all your SEO juice and give you nothing in return!

Get these links quickly and easily with our Ghostlink plugin!


Don’t throw your SEO juice out the window!

What about the « No Follow » in all this? This technique allows, as its name suggests, to tell indexing robots not to follow these links when they encounter them.

You might think that’s a good thing, but it’s far from enough. I would even say that it is always harmful, because even if Bots do not follow the « No Follow » links, they detect them.

They are therefore still taken into account when allocating the PageRank. As a result, they cause your SEO to lose a lot of power…

The obfuscation is therefore much more effective! PageRank Sculpting Plugin WordPress (PRG Pattern) is your solution.


SEO & UX reconciliation: The WordPress plugin of PageRank Sculpting for the user experience.

With obfuscation, there is no need to choose between optimizing the user path or natural referencing. Indeed, you can now keep your call to action buttons (Call To Action), navigation links (Mega Menu) or any other link without seeing your traffic decrease.

Create a user path adapted to indexing robots and determine yourself the pages you want to highlight on search engines. All this without having to make any concessions on the user experience and design of your site!